Friday, June 30, 2006

The Outfits of the Week!

Starting today, we'll be posting pics and info about each of the lovely outfits our mannequins are showcasing in the store. Hopefully we'll be able to keep up with the picture taking/posting every week, but if not I guess you'll just have to get up out of your chair and come down to the store to see them yourself!

Our first lovely lady is wearing cut off bermuda jean shorts from MX Jeans (Montreal), white ribbed tank with sparrow print from Poisson (Toronto), black vintage suspenders, green cropped linen jacket from Las Valentias (Toronto), white handpainted and reworked vintage purse from Vanessa Moore (Montreal) and rose quartz necklace from Aria (Montreal).

Our second girl is rocking a navy/tan tucked tube dress from BLUEprint (Montreal, that's me, finally, I know I know) and red stone necklace from Aria (Montreal). Just in case anyone is wondering, the necklace is pinned at the back to make it shorter, so it really hangs about 4-5" lower.

That's it for "The Outfits of the Week"!

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