Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why we love Neil

So it's the end of our first weekend here at H.Q. and bad weather aside,things went quite well. Our friend Neil was our first customer and God bless im', he won't shut up about it. So, if you bump into him give him a high five and a kiss on the lips.

For those of you who are sending in art, portfolios or love letters, please address them to:
1649 rue Amherst
Montreal, QC
H2L 3L4

peace out


Anonymous said...

I love Neil, too. Remember that time in Montmartre? What a crazy time we were living in. Tell Pierre I said hi, and also tell him, "I know about the 5 o'clock ham stored in his meat cellar." He'll know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

One time, I saw Neil eat 50 hot dogs in a row. Later that night he told me in private that he was only doing it to impress a girl. He ended up banging her that night.