Thursday, June 15, 2006

New stuff, arriving soon!

We just got some new stock in from Snapcrafty! Yay! Super cute owl stud earrings, 2 sets per pack! Also some more beautiful "Lush" necklaces, totally one of a kind, made of vintage plastic bits and last but not least "love detector" necklaces, 'cause summer is almost here!

We've also orders some new mens t-shirts from a variety of fabulous companies, we'll be posting some pics and bios soon.

Arriving next week from Calgary is an AMAZING shipment of vintage goodies from our friends at Junkstar. They've customized them with beautiful fun screenprints to give them a kick ass update. All the good vintage stuff is in Calgary, so we promise these will be select items for guys and gals. If you're ever in Calgary check out the Junkstar store for the hands down best vintage items in Calgary, and that means a lot! Ask for the great owners Nathan and Derek, then tell them that you gave Tyson a wet willy and they'll probably give you a discount.

that's it for now, coming soon, finally....... pics from BLUEprint Clothing (by yours truly) and new F.S.U. items from Tyson!

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