Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mr Men

Hey, we got some new Mr. Men and Little Miss books in today! God, I love these ittle bastards. They take me back to a time when it was o.k. to piss in my own pants........ not like last week....at the pub..... god, i"ll never live that down....

Ahem, here are some interesting facts about the Mr. Men series:

- In Danish, “Mr. Dizzy” is called “Faetter Dumbum”. (HAR-HAR-HAR!!)
- Most popular Mr. Men book is “Mr. Tickle” and the most popular Little Miss book is “Little Miss Naughty”.
- “Mr. Mean’s” Guide to Management was the best selling business title in the UK in 2000.
- “Mr. Mean” keeps all of his money in a tin, in a box, in a case, in a trunk, in a hole, in his cellar, in his house.
- Creator Richard Hargreaves was born in 1935 and died in 1988. His son Adam Hargreave took over the Mr. Men franchise and still creates new characters.
- There are over 80 Mr. Men and Little Miss characters.

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