Monday, June 26, 2006

Why we hate Grand Prix

So we just wanted to let everyone know the latest events happening at HQ, on Thursday Tyson got pepper sprayed and the motherfuckers stole our computer. Sooooooo..... we hate Grand Prix for getting all the junkie crack head drunks all excited and ready to party with all the meat head jocks, causing them to steal peoples computers to sell for a hundred bucks, in order to buy said crack.

On a more positive note however, apparently the best way to meet and bond with your neighbouring business owners is to stumble down the street with a face full of pepper spray yelling for help. So many of our neighbours helped Tyson that day, and also a couple of complete strangers. Thanks to the guy and girl who held Tysons eyelids open while the pharmacist poured some mystery liquid in them. Thanks to the guys at the spa who let Tyson take a shower and called the cops for him. And thanks to the nice lady at the Vietnamese restaurant who brought us springrolls to eat at the store the next day. And thanks to all our friends for coming down to see us, especially Jen Storey who brought us a solid wood worn-in Louisville Slugger. The fact that it's solid wood tells them "this is gonna hurt" and the worn-in finish says "I'm not afraid to use it". Perfect!

Don't forget to pass on the word, our Grand Opening vernissage "Getting to Know You" is happening 2 weekends from now on Saturday July 8th. The art we've received so far is blowing our minds, and there's still a few more pieces to arrive!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!! that is so scary. i hope he's ok now.

remind me to stay away from grand prix, whatever that is.


Angie & Tyson said...

Sorry, should've explained better. Montreal hosts the Grand Prix every summer, as in really expensive fast useless cars being driven around and around in a circle. So...... since this is considered a sport (?!) people come from far and wide to watch it during the day, then party like crazy at night. Since the drinking age in Canada is 18, there are a lot of Americans who come up for the partying as well, so the Grand Prix seems to be known just as much for the partying as for the racing. I think that's pretty much it, well pretty much all I know about Grand Prix at least.... oh, and there are lots of weird fake tackily clothed girls clinging onto really jocky guys wearing car logo t-shirts. Fun.

Andre said...

This year was special because the Grand Prix happened at the same time as the St-Jean-Baptist celebrations, which meant that every cop in the city was going to be busy doing traffic and/or crowd control, making it prime time for petty crime.
I was talking to a contact of mine from a printshop today who said that all of their servers were stolen that very weekend as well. Them computer crooks know when to strike.