Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Headquarters gets a facial!

We're so new we didn't need a facelift, but a good facial was in order. So we gave our windows a good cleaning and a little toner, then we threw on some beautiful makeup in the form of a classy vinyl sticker designed by Pony of Prey (Fred Casia and James Braithwaite)

It was a tough run, with much of the evening spent straddling the skylight in one challenging pose after another. Fred got a great workout, holding uncomfortable postions while passersby asked him about the boutique (his french is better than ours), while Tyson got to show off his butt to the street bending over holding Fred in place and Angie practiced her balancing skills trying to hold those damn stickers in place.

After a few beers and diet cokes, a little pizza and a lot of high fives we are left with a beautiful window graphic. Go team!!


Momunit said...

It's a labour of love!

mandy said...

very beautiful
good work friends

Anonymous said...

looking good gang.

Pam (sister to Angie) said...

Sweet As! no that is not a typo , being a new RESIDENT of NZ i figured I 'd use they're lamo slang! That is the coolest sign I've ever seen! and the store looks so full, that is always a deciding factor as to whether or not I go in. Final score 10 outa 10!