Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Getting to Know You, Group Exhibition

Our grand opening is fast approaching, so grab your friends, wash your hair, put on a nice little outfit and come down to the store on Saturday July 8th for our grand opening vernissage/art show party/extravaganza and enjoy some tunes, good company, a brew or two (we will also have wine, so don't fret beer haters) and of course, take a look at the fabulous art we've brought in for this show. The show will run for a whole month, but who are we kidding, who wants to see art on the SECOND day it's shown, sheesh...

We're also offering special one night only prices on all Furni products, so if you're looking for the perfect cutting board, clock or towel holder, we've got it!


karine =^_^= said...

hey tyson and angie,
no offense, but i've noticed there are A LOT of mistakes in French on the flyer, which is superb by the way. i just want to offer you my translation services for FREE next time you write something in French!
so don't hesitate if you need me...

Angie & Tyson said...

Ah yes, the french problem, we've had sooo many complaints, and we apologize profusely, so here is the storey of what we went through to get the french for the flyer:
I asked our patternmaker at my office to do the translation, since he is born and raised Quebecois. So with the help of his lovely mother, they put together a great translation for us. The problems arose due to the fact that the translation was handwritten, therefore when it came time for the graphic designer (our hardworking Freddy) to add the type, some words were misinterpreted for others.

So really, we tried very hard to make the french beautiful, but things happen, and it will be improved for next time.

Thanks for the offer though!