Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fringe Benefits

You know when you're into something, and then you start seeing it in a few places and you're not sure if you're just noticing it more because you're into it, or if you're into it because you've started noticing it more... I'm so right there, right now.

My interest in fringe goes a couple seasons back now, I had some white fringe that I put at the end of a long wrap belt on one of my skirt designs, but it never really got the reaction I hoped for, so I kind of gave fringe a rest. I would still stroke it longingly whenever I went to the trim store, but couldn't justify buying some since I thought I was the only one into it. Anyone who saw me this past New Years can also attest to the fact that I just would not give up on the fringe, I'm sure the fringed bodice on my dress tickled a few people that night...

Susie Bubble in fringed Bebaroque tights

But then, happy, happy day, I started noticing fringe details around some of the high end collections, and on a few of my favorite fashion blogs. Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style and Susie Bubble of Style Bubble both went for a fabulous pair of fringed tights by Bebaroque.

Fringed tights by Bebaroque

Queen Michelle really went for the gusto and took on the fringe full force with this FABULOUS purple fringed dress, amazing!

Queen Michelle with the dress/skirt of fringe

Lastly Jennine from The Coveted got a little bit crafty and did up her own fringed tank top that is both simple and stunning, she even added a great tutorial to her site HERE.

Jennines DIY fringe tank

The award for longest fringe would have to go to Agathe from StyleBytes though. Agathe has been a huge fan of the fringe for awhile now, and has shown us all the way of the fringe. Sadly I can't link to her site as it no longer exists, it's an internet mystery! Seriously, just google "Style Bytes missing" and it will be amazing how many things will come up...

Agathe with the longest fringe of all...

So I've had a million fringe related designs mulling about in my head, and a million sketches done and in my purse, but I've been so busy sewing up logs, owls and custom orders that I haven't had the time to put any fringy goodness together yet! Luckily I'd been pondering over this fringed necklace idea for awhile, and thought it would be a pretty easy item to whip up, so I did! I've done antique silver, gold and copper versions, and they are available in my Etsy shop, as well as in Victoire boutique in Ottawa, and will soon be available right here at HQ.

Let's just cross our fingers and hope I'll have a few spare moments to put together some fun fringed dresses and tops soon!




Victoire said...

I'm also soooo having a fringe moment - and I think the thing that kicked it off was that picture of Agatha with her crazy long fringe top! She also had these amazing vintage boots with fringe up the back. So I am sooo thankful for your ingeniousity in making those amazing fringed necklaces! I also recently bought this dress:

The HQ Duo said...

Whoa, that dress is WAY too nice, it's GORGEOUS!!!

They have some long fringe like that at one of the trim stores I go to. I think some fall designs will need to incorporate some long, gorgeous fringe!

oh I also made some black fringe necklaces now too, and will hopefully be finding some more colours later this week. Yay!

Queen Michelle said...

Oh that is way nicer than my black fringed necklace attempt! Gorgeous!

The HQ Duo said...

Hey, I didn't know you did a fringed necklace too, it's so funny how these things happen! Did you post it on KOS, or were you really not happy with it?