Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hastings + Main Dresses

I did a little mini photoshoot on Saturday to get some pics of a couple of the great summery dresses we have in the shop from Hastings + Main. Maryanne developed these styles while in India and Africa, using the gorgeous local textiles as a jumping off point. They're so perfect for breezing around in during the hot and sticky months! Thanks to Jill, Jude and Amanda for modelling for me! Next time if you stop making silly faces and we can get outside to get less blurry pics, I'll put your heads in the shots as well, hee hee!



Anonymous said...

we are going to have to work on the group shot...

the dresses are so great!

who needs a face anyway?

jo said...

those dresses are awesome! i love the printsss