Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gone for the Weekend

Just wanted to pop in to let you all know I'm going to be out of the town for the weekend, and I'm leaving tonight! Tyson will be manning the store, so feel free to pop in and keep him company.

I'm heading out to Manitoba for my 10 year high school reunion. Perhaps you've been confused by my girlish charm and milky smooth skin, but yes, I am that old. In honour of this special event, I'm sharing this video with you. Watch it and know that I will be dancing drunkenly to this song within the next day or so. I know what you're thinking "if you're listening to that, shouldn't it be your 20 year high school reunion?!"

Well, in the normal world yes, but I'm from a small town in rural Manitoba, so this is pretty much standard fare no matter how old you are. Wish me luck on my flashback weekend!


Fleurr De Lux said...

Hi! This is a strange comment but I used to be great pals with a little lady named Gillian King who you babysat! I remember you making us outlined drawings of Betty and Veronica for us to draw our own fashion designs onto during the summer! Let's say that was the turning point of my clothing additction! She pointed me in the direction of your site, I LOVE IT! Anyway, you're probably really busy but my friend and I have a little blog you might like! We rework some vintage stuff but it's mostly just personal style type things. Check it out!
x Lana

The HQ Duo said...

Lana, I totally remember you! Long blonde hair, super nice mom, right? I'm going to check out your blog right now, I'm sure it's awesome, and so glad to hear those little drawings were helpful ;)