Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mesa Moda + HQ = Love Connection

About a month ago Tyson got a phone call at the store from a friendly girl named Réidín Murphy. She's a visitor to Montreal, hanging around for about 6 months and then heading back to her native Ireland. So why not start an awesome online magazine about local style in the meantime? Well, that's just what she did. It's called Mesa Moda and smartly uses the Blogger platform as an easy and accessible way to create this online mag. Mesa Moda is self described as:

- bringing you up-to-date on original, artistic and ethically minded fashion happening on the streets and in the boutiques of the Plateau Mont-Royal district of Montréal and connected areas

- original in the sense that this is a report on fashion viewed to be novel, fresh, inventive and/or re-inventive as the case may be

- artistic because this is a report on style that shows imagination and skill

- ethically minded in that this is a report for the intellectual fashion lover who thinks about the bigger picture behind what he or she chooses to buy

Réidín was nice enough to come down to HQ to do a mini interview with me, then her BF and mag partner Chris popped in to take some lovely pics and the end result is one of the most well written articles about HQ we've ever seen, with really truly lovely pics. Chris also did the layout of the article, which I think it fabulous as well. That stuff doesn't happen all on its own folks, these two are putting in the hours!

I recommend that everyone who's interested in local, independent and ethical fashion check out this mag, it's chock full of great info and gorgeous pics. Just go to www.mesamoda.blogspot.com and click on the "images" to view the mag page in a larger format, or you can even click on the images I've inserted here on the blog to see a bigger version and read the interview. So many options, you lucky folks!



Liz said...

nice article! I'm going to be in Montreal with my band, the summerlad, on june 14 & 17 so hopefully I'll have a chance to visit the store!

The HQ Duo said...

Yes come by! My partner Tyson is soooo into music and loves meeting other musicians!

cathy peng said...

the store looks better than i imagined! i love how you've arranged things. congrats on the feature and on turning 2!