Wednesday, June 04, 2008

HQ Turns Two!


Time flies friends, it really does. This Saturday (June 7th) is the two year anniversay party of Headquarters Galerie + Boutique! Two whole years of art and design, in our little shop/gallery on Amherst. We've dealt with pepper spray & construction, but we're still here, and now we have a tree in front of our store, yay! We've worked our butts off, but still love working with all the amazing artists and designers and meeting our truly interesting customers who are always so happy to discover an exciting new designer.

My advice is that if you're interested in purchasing some art, come early. We've already sold a few of the new Garrett Van Winkles (how much do I love typing his name!?), and there are quite a few pieces by some artists that are brand new to HQ, as well as many of our old friends such as Aya Kakeda, Chrissy Chung, Aaron McConomy, oscar nominee James Braithwaite (this is how I now exclusively refer to him..) Jen Storey, James Kerr & Neil Doshi, all of The YPF Mimi Traillette, The Parnell Collective, Natalie Reis, Rupert Bottenberg, Angie Mason, Ray Fenwick.

Ksenia & Krissy

As usual the party will last from around 6pm-11pm, music will be provided by our great friend and resident DJ Garry Vickers, wine and beers will be available, and I'm going to be baking up a storm Friday and Saturday to get those mini cupcakes ready for you all! The boutique is open all night for your late night shopping needs, and we're stocked up with fun summer dresses, purses & jewelry for the ladies and t-shirts, Brixton hats and Broundoor belts and wallets for the guys.


Let's do it right folks, 2 years is something to celebrate!

Mary & T


Victoire said...

Wish we could be there you guys - congratulations!

Anonymous said...

i guess you party is just kicking into gear, i wish i wish riding the el pedalo, towards the store right now. wind blowing in my hair, new dress and shoes from london (that i will buy tomorrow...) i'm there in thought!!!

The HQ Duo said...

Next time Mandy, next time!