Monday, June 09, 2008

Spring 08 Puces POP!

For those of you who braved the rain last weekend to head out to the inaugeral edition of the Spring Puces POP, I'm sure you were happy you did! The church basement was packed to the brim with amazing handmade wares, and the church kitchen was filled with delicious Polish food.

Here are a few pics we snapped of the tables Tyson and I had. I took a few videos as well (with the help of MTAF, Parnell and Broundoor) however I'm still working out the kinks with uploading and editing, so hopefully I'll get those up by tomorrow. For now, here are some old-fashioned "photographs"...

Tysons bowling pins and acrylic paintings on canvas,
all with his signature glossy finish

Tyson's been painting up a storm! He finished a whole slew of new handpainted shoes,
and found some real suitcase gems to paint on

Shoes, suitcases and paintings

My bikini girl keychains, and a couple of brooches

Logs, purses, owls and pillows

My new "stumpy" owls, somehow anything looks cuter when it's squashed!

My log pincushions with their new flower pins.
I made these pins out of some vintage plastic flower supplies I bought off of Etsy.


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