Thursday, June 12, 2008

I don't want to grow up....ever.

So I was on the metro yesterday, heading down to HQ to have a meeting with a customer about some custom dresses. On I hop, and take a seat. I notice a mom with a little girl in a stroller (about 2 years old) and she's playing with some little paper thing. Then I notice this quite old man sitting near me and he's smiling and waving at the little girl. Then he's pulling something out of his, pocket. It's a lotto ticket. But instead of looking at it, he starts folding it. Slowly it takes shape; it's a little boat, and he hands it to the little girl. She puts her other little piece of paper in it and I notice it's a little paper dog. The nice old man has been making her little origami toys out of scraps of lotto tickets and metro transfers!

I'm all smiles once I realize this, and the man sees me smiling, and then starts making a dog and boat for me! He didn't say anything to me or anyone else the whole time, just motioned with his hands and smiled and nodded a lot, perhaps he didn't speak any french or english. He got off at Place D'Armes, gave me a little wave and was on his way. It's nice to think that he thought I would enjoy the toy as much as the little girl. I think I did.

I wish more metro rides were like that! The dog and boat are at HQ right now, so if you're stopping by have a little look.



danica said...

Yay! What a happy tale!

Victoire said...

omg, magical!

Allison said...

just reading about it made me smile!

raq said...

aww that's really sweet!