Saturday, June 28, 2008

Girls Telephone Boys

Oh yes, the best girls certainly do. Especially the type of girl who is drawn to this gorgeous collection of hand printed dresses and shirts. This is clothing for the girl who likes to throw something on, be comfortable and still look amazing. This is clothing for that girl you know who always manages to look hot, no matter what she throws on.

Personally I love how these dresses can change dramatically just based on what shoes you're wearing them with. Picture them with chunky black heels for a sexy lady look, throw on some gladiators for a more casual yet citified look, throw on some leather sandals for a totally beachy look, or wear them with black tights and some flats for a cooler weather option. Seeing as we're talking about shoe options I could probably go on forever, but I think you get the idea...

We first met Erika (the designer) at our 2 year anniversary vernissage. Now that HQ has been open for a little while, we get approached by a lot of people who tell us they make stuff and want to sell it in the store. We have the same answer for everyone "send us an e-mail with some pics and we'll go from there". About 1/2 the people we talk to don't follow up, and of the half that do e-mail us about 1/2 don't fit into the look of the store. But every once in awhile a real gem comes along, and Girls Telephone Boys is definitely one of those gems!

The label started off as a “beach wear” label that the Erika designed for shops in Bali, Indonesia, and consists of women’s wear and sterling silver Jewellery. All the garments that she produces are 100% hand made from start to finish. So the fabric is hand dyed, hand screen-printed and hand sewn.

Erika also has a very close relationship with all the people involved in the process, which really shows in the quality of the pieces. Since Bali allows Erika to produce small minimums, nothing is ever mass-produced.

Erika flies back an forth between Montreal and Bali many, MANY times a year, and is constantly working on new designs and patterns. Her goals for her current trip are to use luxurious fabrics like silks and to experiment with hand painting and hand embroidery.

After seeing the quality of the fabric and printing, as well as the excellent fit and construction of the stock we just received, I am sooo excited to see what Erika comes up with next...


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