Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chatte Bottee at HQ, this September!

The lovely Nika and Carole of Chatte Bottee

So I was running around town yesterday picking up some sewing supplies, and guess who I ran into? Carole from Chatte Bottee! Of course we immediately started talking about vintage shoes and the next Chatte Bottee party at HQ. Carole told me that Nika (her partner in crime) has just picked up a HUGE load of vintage boots for the next party, which is going to be at HQ. I know with the sticky weather it's a bit hard to imagine slipping your feet into some leather boots, but with vintage footwear the early bird gets the stacked heel boot, every time!

Left: Sarah my W_R friend and myself at the last Chatte Bottee party at HQ
Right: a previous Chatte Bottee party at Preloved (image from

This will be the first Chatte Bottee party of the fall season, and I'm sure the boot selection will be at its absolute best, so be sure to pop in early! We're having the party on a Friday this time (usually they're on Thursdays), so stay tuned to the blog in the next week or so and we'll have the date set in stone!


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