Friday, September 26, 2008

Bow down to the Bow

Lately I've been thinking about growing my hair out. I've had the bob for almost 2 years now, and although I love it, I may be ready for a change. Or not. I don't know. Nevertheless, I do know that lately I've been obsessed with all sorts of hair clips, headbands, hats and the like. I've been crafting some very special feathered headbands (more on that later), have been collecting over the top vintage hats to refurbish, and recently came across a few great vintege oversized bow hair clips that I'm in love with! (they're all down at HQ right now...)

Maybe I've been subconsciously soaking in some of Zooey Deschanels style from listening to so much She & Him, but I think these bow clips are just soooo great! I envy those girls with long wavy locks or springy curly hair (I'm talking to you two Yana and Katie!) they can clip these beauties in and have an instant style boost. As wonderful as the sleek bob is, most things just slip right on out of my hair within about 5 minutes. Hats and hairbands will be my only workable vices for now, but for those of you with the hair that can contain these clips, I say clip away!

One of my favorite Wardrobe Remixers, blogger extraordinaire and seller of vintage wares, Liebmarlene recently did a little post on the oversized bow which gives some great inspirational pics, and a video of Miss Deschanel herself. Check it out HERE if you have some time, it's a nice little read. Or, if you'd like to lose your mind from adorability overload and wardrobe envy, check out her Flickr set of Wardrobe Remix pics, you've been warned!

Images above from Liebemarlenes post, and that's the lovely lady herself on the left!



Rhiannon said...

Aww, thanks so much for the nice words! :) It's an honor . . I love your blog and your shop too. I'm just sad I live too far away to visit!


Love these bows!

Anonymous said...

Hi..Just wanted to know how and where I can get a hold of these bows!?!?