Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Leggings, tights, whatever you call them...

"luxe collection" burnout geo velvet

When I see people wearing those fugly leggings that are printed like jeans, I want to do one of three things:
a) vomit in a corner somewhere
b) trip the person
c) swear off leggings forever

Drastic, perhaps, but seriously.... what the hell?!

"vintage collection" purple geometric

Options a and b may stay on the board, but I'm not really going to swear off leggings forever, they're just too darn versatile. So comfy, so necessary in our arctic Canadian climates, leggings worn as pants can be problematic most of the time (there are exceptions, but they're few and far between) but they can also add a wonderful hit of texture and colour to an outfit. I wanted to up the ante a bit from the basic fare you can get from your local AA, H&M, etc. I wanted to make really original, stop-you-on-the-street-where-are-those-from kind of leggings. So I did.

"vintage collection" asiastic teapots and teacups

"vintage collection" floral

As usual I'm torn between a vintage aesthetic, and a more modern minimal one, so I decided to have it all and do two separate groupings. The first grouping is the more casual "vintage collection". For this group I delved into my vast collection (I'm talking a whole room) of vintage fabrics, pulled out some of my favorite super soft jerseys and went to town. I've started with three different designs, but more are sure to come as those initial three fabrics run out. As I'm sure you can imagine, vintage fabric is limited in quantity so when these lovelies are gone, they're gone.

"luxe collection" burnout velvet feathers

For the second grouping I was greatly inspired by Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style. This girl pulls off tights and leggings like nobodies business. It doesn't hurt that she has miles of leg, but she wears them with such aplomb and works them into her outfits so artfully, it's an inspiration for us all. This grouping is all about over the top, luxe fabrics in stretch lace, velvet and modal jerseys. I've dubbed it the "Luxe Collection" and it will be semi-limited in terms of fabrics, basically because I get bored working with the same thing over and over again, and there are so many gorgeous fabrics out there to choose from.

"luxe collection" stretch lace with sequins

So there you have it, time to get crazy with your legwear girls! I have all these posted fabrics down at HQ in size medium (the model is wearing a medium, but she's really a small) and will be adding more soon. If you're from out of Montreal you can also order through my Etsy store, I'm custom making them in any size you like, so let me know if you want to add some crazy tights into your life.



Anonymous said...

wow, you m ade those? They certainly are... dazzling!!! I like the mid-calf lacey ones best, i think.

Victoire said...

Can't wait for us to get ours! they'll look so good with my ComplexGeometries mega sweater!

Queen Michelle said...

Awww thank you so much!!!
And I am shockingly in need of those velvet leggings - oh the possibilities! They really are incredible. I shall be having a nosey in your Etsy shop.


Off to have a look at your shop as these are friggin Marvellous! Could use them for my styling in my fashion shoots,plus im an ardent fan of unique detailed leggings.The problem is finding long enough ones!
loving your blog.