Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Honey Flower Grand Opening Party!

I posted about this awhile back, but the dates changed, and now it's the real thing! The lovely Angela from Honeyflower just e-mailed me to let me know that this Thursday (Oct. 2) is the grand opening of her super sweet Honey Flower boutique on Duluth.

There will be live music, yummy refreshments, free samples and product demos. Angela is always into supporting local artists and designers (she often pops into HQ to pick up gifts from our wonderful artists) so she's started carrying some beautiful things by local artisans such as Catchframes, Velvet Moustache, DringDring and....oh yeah, me! I dropped off a few vintage fabric owls and one Joel Dewberry chestnut fabric owl last week, as well as a few stump pincushions.

So what are the details you may ask?

Thursday Oct. 2nd
54 Duluth ave. East
Between St. Dominique and Colonial - look for the bright pink door (see above)

For more info about Honey Flower go to www.honeyflower.ca

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