Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Everything Is Everything

Our good pal Amy Wong has an art exhibit which opens this Friday in our hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. So, c'mon friendly Manitobans (as it reads on our licence plates), come out and show her some good old Pegger hospitality!

Heres all you need to know:

Location: Ace Art Gallery, Winnipeg, 2nd Floor, 290 McDermot Avenue, Tel: (204) 944-9763
Reception: Friday 26th September at 7:30pm
Artist talk: 2pm Saturday 27th September

Everything is Everything encompasses an array of work that grew from the simple idea of coveting values such as dearness, cherishing, longing, sincerity, cynicism and stating your ground.

Wong blends artistic and pop filters into a re-appropriated use of semiotics in order to contemplate the everyday phenomenological reactions that come from living and working in different situations and environments. She oscillates between different styles and sources which she absorbs and reconstitutes in her own particular and engaging manner. Extreme cultural dabbling with infinite information as a point of departure is equally exciting, overwhelming and schizophrenic for Wong, who constantly asks herself and her audience how one can truly understand an experience in all its layered complexity.

Amy Wong is a painter of Cantonese-Chinese descent, born in Toronto, who has lived and worked in Canada, the Netherlands and China. After completing her BFA in studio arts at Concordia University in Montreal, she was accepted to the two-year artist residency at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. She has recently returned to Toronto after being the first Canadian participant in the CEAC artist residency in Xiamen. She is represented by Galerie van Wijngaarden Hakkens in Amsterdam.

Go to the damn show people, it's going to be awesome! And say hi to Amy for us, and take her out for a drink after the show. Do it! Or else!

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