Friday, September 12, 2008

Vintage Headquarters

For those of you who live in Montreal and have been down to HQ, you probably already know that we carry vintage shoes, purses and belts (and soon hats!). Many people have asked us if we carry vintage clothing, or if we have plans to in the future. The short answer to that is no, we don't want to create competition for all the awesome handmade clothing we're carrying. We figure it's a lot harder to sell realistically priced handmade clothing when there's a $30 vintage dress right beside it, tempting you with it's delicious affordability, even though you know TONS of work went into the handmade dress. It's a weird shopping thing, people love deals.


I love shopping for vintage stuff, clothing included, and I seem to have a bit of a knack for finding great stuff. Maybe it's luck, maybe it's due to the fact that I once worked at a large second hand clothing store during university and learned a few tricks, maybe it's the fact that I had to take classes in the history of western dress while in uni (I think the latter is the reason my mom would give most credit to) Personally I think it's a combo of all of the above, coupled with the fact that I've been wearing vintage since I was about 12 when I started pulling old clothing out of my grandmas basement to wear.

So long story short, I've opened up a vintage shop on Etsy so I can share these goodies with the rest of you. The shop is called Vintage Headquarters, the address is We ship anywhere in the whole wide world, but if you're a Montrealer and see something that you like let us know and we can have it at the store for pickup. You can get to the shop through the address I just posted, or if you're already on the HQ blog, check out the Etsy mini we have in the right hand column (yes, that's it, right over there, with the tiny square pictures...the one that says Vintage Headquarters)

I'm doing a big shoot on Sunday, so I'll have a whole SLEW of new stuff up soon, and will start adding regular update posts to the blog to keep everyone in the loop. I'm actually hoping to start doing a LOT more blogging, and adding some new regular features, so we'll see how that goes. Sometimes my plans get bigger than is realistically possible though, so don't tar and feather me if it takes awile to get going!


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