Monday, April 17, 2006

Getting to know ... Angel Perez

So once again, the Winnipeg connection bears much fruit.

Our friend Owen Wilson.. I mean Jason Kennett... brought the work of the wonderful Angel Perez to our attention. Although we've never met Angel in person, we love what we've seen of her work, and Roy Liang of Dumb Chauffeur has also given her the thumbs up.

We will be the first Montreal store to carry Angels designs, and from what she has hinted at via e-mail, there is some VERY fun stuff on its way!!!

Check out Angels designs in June when we open our doors to the world!


Momunit said...

Why don't you just open your hearts to the world... using laser cut surgery why don't you! Really cute stuff!

vatoDETH said...

I could never wear anything like that! I would feel way too gay!