Friday, April 14, 2006

Getting to know... Mark Unterberger

Lately, I've been having the most amazing dreams. A couple of nights ago my whole dream was in video game mode and I was fighting hordes of zombies! And kicking some ass!! Now, in the dream I just woke up from, I was battling Dr. Octopus with my trust light sabre alongside Luke Skywalker! I dont know if Mark would appove of the killing of Dr. Octopus though. (I'm sad to say but me and Luke won that battle).

Mark Unterberger is currently working as a makeup special fx artist in Montreal, Quebec. His work ranges from prosthetic makeup and practical special effects to illustration, painting and sculpture. Mark likes octopuses and squids, a lot. He would like you all to take some time to think about the impact that the actions of your daily lives have on the world’s oceans and the creatures that live within. Ban Bottom Trawling.

Check out Marks website:

And see his work at the first group show "Getting To Know You" July 8th at H.Q.

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Momunit said...

I had a pretty crazy reccuring zombie dream (recurring if you count 2 times that is...) involving a bathtub of feces-water and blood splattering brain kills with blunt objects. The only difference the second time I had it was that I knew who to meet and where within a dorm/mansion, and a plan, but the sucky part was that when I tried bashing these zombies this time, what was in the first dream fierce head blows were dwarfed to mere door knocker attempts. Can this possibly mean that no matter how familiar life situations may be, that it will mostly likely never pan out the same way..? That there is always a plan B to every familiar situation..? Or maybe to never take a bath in water that someone has deficated in? In may well stay a mystery!? Oh yeah, and Mark I still have some of your work and rest assured that they are in good hands, but gimme a call and we'll meet up and get that back to you.