Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Getting to know...Valerie Dumaine

Last Tuesday we had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Miss Valerie Dumaine, Montreal designer extraordinaire! Although Marc Simard tried to get her and all the other girls to do tequila shots (I'm the only one who succumbed) she kept her cool and for that we're ever grateful! I've been eyeing her designs in boutiques in Montreal ever since I moved here, getting more impressed by the season.

Valerie has been involved in the Montreal fashion scene for over six years, during which time, she worked as an illustrator, pattern maker and designer for various companies. Back in 1998 she took off for London where she did an internship with designer Gaile McConaghie. After finishing a certificate in German at UQAM in 2002, she was once again Europe bound. She moved to Berlin where after a few months she embedded herself in the German fashion environment and its underbelly. Upon her return, there was no way she was going to work back in the Chabanel district! (for those of you non-Montrealers, this is the very weird "fashion" district, most companies are run by crazy ego-maniac men. Not the most pleasant creative environment, and very hard to find a job that is satisfying) She decided to work on her own line and in spring 2004 Valerie Dumaine (the collection) was finally born!

Valerie Dumaine proposes a strong image, elegant and clean design embellished by original silk printed designs. These designs add a unique and rebelious touch to the feminine silhouette. In every collection, a different artist participates in the creation of prints and uses it as a showcase to display their art. Valerie Dumaine allows a big place for collaboration between artists and hopes that this idea will be contagious!

Her 2006 Spring-summer collection reflects naivety and candour using light and transparent fabrics, such as linen, cotton and jersey. Embellished with buttons, gathered details and shirring, the skirts, shirts and blazers are offered in coral, pistachio and lemon. Artist Jonathan Vinet adds a pop touch to the garments with childlike graphic prints, stripes, lines and dots. This cute and sweet line is perfect for rebel lolitas!

Her Collections are available in Halifax, Montreal, Quebec city, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton and Brooklyn, NY.

Check out more of Valeries designs at www.valeriedumaine.com and, of course, in our store opening June 1st.

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