Friday, April 14, 2006

Getting to know... Lisa DeJohn

O.K. if you were given the choice what super power would you want..... invisibility or the power of flight? Think about it. Both are pretty cool. Like if you could turn invisible, you could break into Walmart and steal all of thier cash and if you were persistent, maybe even eventualy bankrupt those bastards. Mind you, you would have to travel all over the world and continualy rob them night after night. O.K. so maybe there are better things to do with that power... like sneak into locker rooms, maybe haunt a house, tip toe onto airplanes... y'know.

And of course if you had the power to fly, well you could go anywhere. Assuming you could fly really fast and didnt get tired. Traffic would be a thing of the past for you. No more bus/metro pass.

This has nothing to do with Lisa's work. It was just on my mind right now. What? It's my blog I'll do whatever I feel like, O.K.?!

Lisa DeJohn is an artist originally from Detroit, Michigan. For the past ten years she lived in Portland, Oregon where she began her career as a painter, designer and mixed media artist. She draws inspiration from plant forms, animals, architectural structures and vintage ephemera. Her freelance design work includes clients such as Vigo Cards, Pinball Publishing and Converse Inc.
Lisa currently lives in Massachusetts near the coast with her boyfriend and two dogs. When she’s not working on art and design projects, she enjoys cooking, reading blogs, playing with her pups and searching junk shops for materials.

You can see Lisa's gorgeous work at the H.Q. group exhibition "Getting To Know You" july 8th.

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