Thursday, April 20, 2006

Getting to know you update.

So, things are getting closer to go time. For those of you who have been living blindfolded, gagged and bound in a cave, "Getting To Know You" will be H.Q.'s first group exhibition. Opening July 8th and running until August 4th, 2006, representing talent from all over the globe. Here's a list of some of the artists who will be showing:

Garrette Van Winkle
Jarred Eberhardt
Jason Kennett
Shawn "Ako" Wisenant
Josh Taylor
Team Macho
Bob London
James Kerr
Jen Storey
Neil Doshi
Angie Mason
Dessa Harhay
Aaron McConomy
Richard Stow
Aya Kakeda
Fred Casia
Kristen Brown
James Braithewaite
Myna Sonu
Pete Thompson
Mike Bertino
Kristen Farrell
Melissa DelPinto
Mark Unterburger
Stephanie Nadeau
Eddie Ayoub
Lisa Dejohn
Paper Tiger A & D
Marc Bell
Stephan Harhay
S. Phansavanh
Paul Zacharias
Melissa Matos
James "Thesis" Kirkpatrik
Daniel Hyun Lim
Cailin Burns
Amy Sol
Sarah Taylor
...and more.
If you want to check out thier work feel free to hit thier websites or try that Google thing I've been hearing so much about. (If you ask me it's just a fad, like the hula hoop).

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