Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Getting to know...Aria

So, I think everyone has an uncle/aunt/cousin/friend/brother/sister who is totally lame, and can't get it together, and is always bouncing cheques and getting fired from really pathetic jobs, and they're, like, 47.

You kind of look at their life, and it makes you feel a little better about what you're doing with your own. Then you meet someone like Aria, who at only 18 has been designing and hand-making jewelry for roughly five years, and you start to feel a liiiiiittle bit more like YOU are the pathetic one.

Seriously though, we don't expect everyone to have their life mapped out by 18, that's no fun, but it's kind of exciting when you meet someone who's got it together, it kind of makes you get off your ass and do something!

Aria has always been passionate about her work and feels that jewelry is truly a wearable art. In December of 2005 she did her first real show and it was a huge success. In the spring of 2006 she showed at Le Marche MTL's F+Art (Fashion + Art, for all you potty mouths out there...) Most of Aria-Jewelry's materiel's are semi-precious and imported glass, which allows for only limited amounts, making each piece of jewelry something special.

I think the photos speak for themselves, this is some classy yet fun jewelry, I can't wait to get some for myself!

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