Friday, April 07, 2006

Getting to know ...Supayana!

Ok, so anyone who knows me well or has tried to buy clothing for me knows that I'm pretty particular about fashion in general. I have now found the solution for anyone looking to buy me presents for my birthday, X-mas, Canada Day, Valentines day...the list goes on.

Anything made by Yana....seriously....and coming from me, that means a lot! Her stuff is strictly amazing, nothing else will do!

Supayana is a one-of-a-kind clothing line run by New York designer Yana Gorbulsky. She was born in Moscow and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. Yana first found her passion for sewing as a little girl, sewing dresses for her dolls and stuffed animals. She eventually started making clothing for herself, and then finally for others girls who shared an interest in unique clothing.

In 2002, Supayana was born. Yana started selling her garments on eBay - modest pieces consisting mostly of simple reconstructed t-shirts. Keeping one eye on street fashion, Yana continued to experiment with her designs, moving further away from simple t-shirt reconstruction to crafting versatile garments from scratch. The response to her creative efforts were tremendous.

Basically, her stuff will blow your mind 10 times over.

Check our Yanas designs in our store on June 1st, our first day of business, or see more on her website:

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marc said...

If I was a girl, or alot more confident I would wear that burgandy number everyday, braaaow!