Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Getting to know....MISS

What would happen if you took the essence of New York and London, and blended them up into some kind of frothy beautiful accessories line? Well a girl named Jen decided to try it out, in the most literal of ways. Influenced by the post-handicraft movement, Made In Shoreditch Somewhere is an accessories label that fuses craft techniques with luxury fabrics and trims.

Jen tells it like it is:
" I moved to London in September of 2001 from New York City. Originally from Brooklyn, I was quite happy living in my bubble up until I reached 20, when I felt that if I didn't do something to drastically change my life, I would go insane with boredom. I had been studying fashion design since I was 14 and was completely burnt out. Taking a passing conversation with a fellow student a bit too seriously, I applied at the London College of Fashion (with hopes to finish my BA degree there) and when I got accepted, I was more than ready to start my life over."

What was initially created solely for a college project had rolled over into real life when Jen started making accessories from the leftover trims and materials. "It was quicker and more fun to make accessories than clothing. I've been designing and making clothing for so long, I wanted to try something new, but bring across the skills and techniques that I already had." Heavily influenced by the punk rock scene, the original Miss items, which consisted of wristcuffs and chokers were a contrived version of what is out now. Raw-edged and paint splattered, the accessories were more a tribute to the rising popularity of deconstructing clothing at the time. These were showcased on theChipfactory Design Collective website, which to this day the label is still a member of. The development of the wristcuffs have come a long way since its conception and has since expanded into other similar type accessories such as brooches, hair accessores, and belts.

We think the pictures speak for themselves, but we can't wait to see her stuff in person (and of course try it on and dance around the store....that's Tyson, not me...just picture it... he looks great!)

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