Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Getting to know...NaMoDA

Who says Toronto and Montreal are rivals!? We just met a great girl from Toronto named Monika Sosinski, who does the line NaMoDA. We're gonna make this real simple for you guys...

NaMoDA=Confident Style, Free Thought and Elegant Artistry

Combining ecologically safe, organic, and recycled fabrics with the unique vision of a conscious confident individual, NaMoDA produces a distinctive clothing line that stands out from the masses. Clothing that inspires people to forge together artistic and personal expression, organic technology, deep-rooted classics and modern individuality. Liberating our clientele aesthetically as well as socially by offering the choice of the path less traveled. High Quality handcrafted Limited Edition and One of a Kind pieces with exceptional attention to detail.

Basically, cool shit that will make people stop you on the street and ask you what the hell you're wearing...who doesn't love that?!

Check out NaMoDA at Headquarters this June, we've got the first shipment of skirts and purses, and will be receiving mens items in May, just in time for our opening day!

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