Thursday, September 28, 2006

POP Montreal is about to begin!

The merriment that is POP Montreal is about to descend on our fair city. There are tons of fun things going on all the way through, so keep checking the site for more info on upcoming events.

One of our favourite parts of POP Montreal last year was Puces POP, the 2 day indie trade fair showcasing local, national and international talents. We actually found a few of the wonderful artists/designers that we now work with at HQ last year while wandering about. This year it's our turn though, we will have a nice little table selling our HQ wares, right beside Furni Creations and the YPF art collective. With over 100 vendors selling this year it will be WELL worth your while to come down. If you're one of those super organized and thoughtful people, it is also a great opportunity to start buying X-mas/Hannukah/etc presents for friends and family! For those not able to make it down to Puces POP but still wanting to do a little HQ shopping, don't fret, the store will still be open on Saturday (but not Sunday, we're not open on Sundays until Nov/Dec)

But Puces POP is not just a marketplace, there's a whole junkload of other things happening. There will be Artist-Run Workshops for all to come and learn! Art Pop presents Masters of Poster Art with over a dozen renowned poster artists. Film Pop presents Not a Shorts Program showing over 10 short films per day. The Science Fair features 15 artists who will be revisiting the forgotten gems of science fair explorations... volcano? crystals?? Sounds perfect for Neil Doshi! Check out the Puces POP website for all the details and times.

From 5-7p.m. Saturday & Sunday there is activity galore:
-Live visuals by very special guests
-A dance performance by super special dancers...
-Fashion Pop II presents Autumn's Apples. Over 10 designers take there autumnal wears to the stage.
-Musical enjoyment provided by guest artists...

On the evening of the 7th HQ will be hosting our monthly vernissage, a solo show by Eric Braun, entitled "Mecanopolis". Stay tuned for a future post giving all the exact details. Also my mom and brother will be coming in from Winnipeg that weekend, so don't be afraid to stop by the vernissage and say "Hi Mrs. Johnson, what a lovely daughter you have, you are soooo lucky!"

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