Friday, September 15, 2006

Feeling Claustrophobic?

This message is for artists/designers who need a little more space to spread out in. This could be a great opportunity for someone looking for a shared studio space for a pretty damn decent price. Not to mention you would be surrounded by a bunch of super talented artists, who you could potentially do tradsies with (ie. trade sewing skills for screenprinting skills, illustration skills for webdesign skills, the list goes on)

This space will be lorded over by the two boys of Furni Creations (Mike and Devon) who make amazing furniture. As of October 1st they will be moving their workshop to a new space (2,400 sq ft) in which it will be shared with 8 other artists (6 of whom are confirmed). They need 2 more folks to join the team. The space is upper Plateau (St-Viateur/st-laurent area) the artist side is 1200sq ft to be shared amongst the 8 artists, eventually there will be a lovely seating area and wireless internet, there is a bathroom and a kitchenette within the space.

So if you need a place to paint/work and create magic rent is 115$ per person for approx 100sqft of space (no walls are being errected but you will have your own area where you can put your stuff and leave it set up)

If you are interested, please contact:

Mike Giles
Owner/Head Designer
(t) + 1 514-907-2851
(f) + 1 514-907-2851

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