Friday, September 29, 2006

Indyish at Puces POP

Another Puces POP event! Our good friends and Indyish have been busy putting together fun and informative events for the Puces POP weekend. They've pulled together a team of open source gurus, rappers, website makers and recording artists to demonstrate the potential of free software.

If, like me, you know little to NOTHING about this kind of techno mumbo jumbo, then this is an event for you. The Indyish team will break things down to "average human" level so the non tech savvy people can feel smart too!

Watch, listen and learn as Tyler of Telefauna records a live track with a little freestylin help from local rap stars Alter Reign and their software mavens - mixing it all into an original track before your very eyes. All this using free software: with live multi-track recording, editing and mastering on the fly, we’ll also intro the editing options and plugins available in a linux environment.

Then, will demonstrate print on demand for CD’s!! Lulu provides the quickest and most DIY publishing system there is, and leaves you holding all your rights.

No matter your computer expertise, this hour long workshop is for the indyish rock star in all of you.

And hey- if you have more questions about linux, free software, audio recording, or self-publishing, come meet the pro’s Indyish has assembled by dropping by the Indyish table any time during the two day love fest crafty art sale that is PUCES POP!!

And HEY!! Check out FILM POP! The winners from the Indyish MVMC videos will be screened on Saturday, Oct. 7, 1pm, at the Puces Pop Theatre, located in the Armoury des Canadian Grenadier Guards, 4171 avenue de l’Esplanade.

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