Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pony of Prey Blog!

General Mavin Plantagenate

Jenny Hapshaw, Official Spokerodent for All Mighty Caesar Pony

The National Ideal

The illustrious illustrated Caesar Pony, President

Well, well, well.

The naughty boys over at Pony of Prey have added a blog to their website. Have a look for some insight into their innovative illustrative style, and follow along with the non-sensical ramblings of Jenny Hapshaw on their "Beef Log". Learn a little about the "Pony's Republique of Peoples", the floating island that Jenny Hapshaw, General Mavin Plantagenate, Stanley (the voice of the peoples) and the National Ideal inhabit, ruled over by Caesar Pony himself. Here's a little excerpt from the "Beef Log":


You may have noticed a few changes to your planet in the last few days, and I would like to put your little minds to rest about a few things.

First of all, yes, the entire East Coast was destroyed in a devastating condor attack, and yes we were partially responsible for this little misunderstanding. Secondly, yes, the population of Europe is currently being enslaved with a powerfully interesting hypnotic device, and, yes, you will be used to toil away in our underground mines, and, yes, we do offer health benefits and an attractive incentive program. Thirdly, no, we do not pay time-and-a-half for all holidays, and joining our “fun little gang” is not optional.

But, to make this transition easier, I thought you might want to know a little bit about your new benevolent masters, and how we managed to live on a floating continent above the Earth without anyone being the wiser. Firstly, the floating mass of awesomeness that now controls your destiny, is called the The Pony’s Republique of Peoples, and it is controlled by an all-seeing rodent named Caesar Pony. There are several ethnic groups, constantly making snitty comments at each other, but they are all under the handsome thumb of one leader, the Mighty Caesar Pony (praise be to him.) The Pony’s Republique of Peoples has been floating above the earth since the beginning of recorded time, but thanks to a carefully orchestrated campaign by the Freemasons, they have managed to go unnoticed. . .UNTIL NOW.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a whole planet wasn’t enslaved in a long-weekend. So, lowly ones, that means this whole enslavement thing might take a little while. So, in the meantime, Caesar Pony, and the four greatest commanders of The Pony’s Republique of Peoples will be posting suggestions and useful recipes to make this transition into serfdom as painless as possible.


*** End Communicado ***

Jenny Hapshaw
Official Spokerodent for All Mighty Caesar Pony.

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