Monday, September 11, 2006

Supayana on Daily Candy!

Yay Yana!!!!
Our favourite Russian girl (in Brooklyn, don't worry Ksenia!) Yana Gorbulsky was recently featured on Daily Candy. Her line "Supayana" is available online at, and of course in your friendly neighbourhood store, Headquarters.

Here's what Daily Candy had to say about Supayana:

You’re known for always sporting a particular look of your own brilliant devising. Some days, it’s Preppie Longstocking. Others it’s Ballerina Jolie.

And sometimes it’s simply Damn, I’m Cute.

For those instances, throw on a top by Supayana. Inspiration for the designs comes from all directions: street fashion, runway, ready-to-wear, vintage, and modern trends. The result is wearable pieces that are the perfect marriage of rock-and-roll and kitsch.

The site is updated with new merch weekly, but on our last viewing there was a broad spectrum of looks. Conservative types will thrill to the sweetheart top with flutter sleeves. Sporty sirens will be drawn to the yellow and gray Sunshine tank with a removable bow. And indie rockers will jones for off-the-shoulder numbers in neon pink or electric blue.

The designs stand out by incorporating vintage buttons, lace details, and fabric prints. Plus, only a few of each style are made, so they’re coveted pieces that you won’t see the competition wearing.

Which is a good thing, since one look you’re never going for is the Clone Ranger.

We're so proud of you Yana, keep up the good work! (oh and we sold 2 of your tops on Saturday, and the girl looked great in them ... of course)

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Anonymous said...


Awww, thanks for posting this! I miss you guys :-(

I'll send you some more tops soon. I know you probably want more fallish things now!