Friday, September 29, 2006

Worn Fashion Journal, Now Available for Subscriptions!

Sometimes the best of us get really lazy. You know, when you're so sloth-like that you won't even cook food for yourself, and you get so hungry that you start to feel sick. Well, for those people (myself included) that have bouts of extreme laziness, the best thing out there is to plan ahead, and get someone else to do the work for you. Take grocery delivery for example, I think it's one of the best things invented, and only costs around $5, but Tyson doesn't want someone else picking out our produce, OH NO not a dented green pepper ...... but I digress.

In the same realm as grocery delivery though, is magazine subscriptions. So convenient, and who doesn't love getting something nice in the mail? No one writes letters anymore, so damn it, how else are you supposed to get this kind of surprise happiness?! Personally I'm a huge fan of magazine subscriptions, in fact I can guarantee that some of my friends have become suspicious that I secretly work for one of these magazines in particular, since I'm constantly pulling one out of my purse to illustrate one point or another. Basically, getting a magazine you truly love in the mail is like planned guaranteed surprise happiness. Who the hell doesn't want a little more of that!!???

So for all you guys and gals out there looking for a little more happiness in your life, look no further, Worn Fashion Journal is now offering subscriptions. That's right, all the introspective, fun, savvy fashion writing and photography you can handle can be delivered right to your door. Also, it really helps Worn grow if you subscribe, Worn gets a bigger piece of the pie, and things like grants REALLY like lists. AND the first 100 subscriptions get a free one-inch pin with every issue! Yay!

Subscriptions are for two years, with a new issue every spring and fall (that's 4 issues total).
The rates including shipping are:
Canada: 28$
USA: 32$
International: 40$

For those of you who hate their happiness to be reliable , you can still pick up Worn at Headquarters any time that's convenient in your happiness schedule. We have a few copies left of Issues 1 & 2, and will be getting Issue 3 in October so don't be shy.

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