Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Getting to know ... Soi Disant

Well, I've got a killer cold (thanks to either Gary or Freddy, damn you both) but at least we have a beautiful new clothing line in HQ. This new Montreal based line is called Soi Disant, although it is a little more worldly in some interesting ways.

Designed by Rawan Alami, a 25-year-old Montrealer who grew up in Jerusalem and came to Canada in 2002 by way of Great Britain. She enrolled at the International Academy of Design and studied fashion marketing for a year before she founded Soi Disant. That's the kind of drive we like to see!

What makes this line REALLY special is that the clothes are made by 20 women at a factory in Bethlehem, working through a Palestinian women’s co-op. This is really a win win situation, the women are able to work for a fair wage in a safe place, while us Montrealers get some truly unique fashion.

All the designing is done here in Montreal then Rawan goes over to Jerusalem to supervise production. In the end, the clothing is not "ethnic" per se, but rather modern, fashion-forward design, with a handmade touch in the form of historic embellishment.

We think it's just damn pretty, and we're happy to have it in HQ!

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Anonymous said...

wow, i liked the bloues, dont have more to see and buy