Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fall coats from MX

OK, no one's happy that fall is on its way, but if you have to dress for the cold, PLEASE people, do it in style! We've just received the beautiful tweed winter jackets from MX, as well as tweed blazers, vests and trousers, and a slew of super soft hoodies in black, cream and olive. The tweed winter coat comes in a gold/chocolate combo with chocolate piping (like in the pics above) and in an aubergine/cream combo with cream piping (see crappy pic below).


While we're speaking of winter coats, check out the fabulous one by Valerie Dumaine on her website. We are not currently stocking them in the store, but if you take a look and fall in love we can easily bring it in for you.


Anonymous said...

woohoo, you go girl.

i hope nobody minds that we are all going to have the same coat this fall!!!

Anonymous said...

Angie! Look at you being a little supermodel. I LOVE THAT COAT! How much is it? I want it!

email me!


Anonymous said...

Hey Angie!
It's gill! (King)
It was awesome seeing you in the peg acouple weeks ago! I've been checking out your website ever since and i just showed my mum and everett the pictures posted of you.. very chic.. And I am VERY interested in the clothes! It's even more tempting cuz no one in wpg will have them! Bah! So yeah just wondering about the prices for the Valerie Dumaine black and white jacket and the last two shirts posted! You can email me at
P.S. Dope blog

Angie & Tyson said...

Hey commenters!

Yana: The jacket sells for $126 Cdn, it's a steal! And warm too, I made sure they added extra polyfil, if it can handle a Canadian winter, it can totally handle a NY one!

Gill: I will e-mail you the prices for everything later today. I'm so glad you like the blog, and it was great to see you in the Peg too, what a weird coincidence it was though!

amy said...

Those are most rad!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. that coat is ridiculous. i want to eat it.

- kristen

Anonymous said...


- mandy