Monday, September 25, 2006

Flin Flon rocked my ass off!

Well Montreal, you REALY SCREWED THE POOCH! Last night most of you missed one of the best shows of the year. Flin Flon's only Canadian stop was at Casa del Popolo and they completely rocked my ass off!

"Well, who the hell is Flin Flon?" (spoken in a valley girl accent)

I'll tell you stupid, it's guitarist/ singer Mark Robinson (Unrest & Air Miami), who is also the founder and manager of Teenbeat Records (uh, hello, Teenbeat released records by bands like Versus), Bassist Nattles (Cold Cold Hearts) and Drummer (True Love Always and I'm positive he's a cyborg) Matt Datesman. They create stripped down, danceable indie pop which focuses heavily on the bass and drums. I didnt realize until halfway through thier set that Matt has no cymbols on his kit, but he plays so franticly that I hardly noticed and the sound comes out very full due to continuous drum rolls. So I say "good riddance, cymbols!" Nattles bass sound is sharp, crisp and is delivered by one hot lick after one hot lick. Mark rarely plays full chords but rather accents Nattles playing with wandering licks of his own. Hearing them live will squeeze this piss out of your bladder!

There still a chance to catch Flin Flon on this tour..... if you live in Pittsburgh or Baltimore that is.

Go pick up a copy of Flin Flons new record "Dixie" or one of the older ones, "Boo Boo", "A OK", "Swift Current" or "Chicoutimi" support indie music. And if your a new listener to the Flin Flon miracle, I gaurantee that after you hear the first song you'll say to yourself: "This is Flin Flon?! And I missed seeing them?! I'm a fucking douchebag!!"

And you'll be right.

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Andre said...

I can attest to everything Tyson just said. I've even kept said urine-soaked jeans in a huge baggie labelled "Exhibit A" for all you doubters.

Don't fight it kids, this shit is more addictive than the gospel.