Friday, September 15, 2006

This one goes out to Rachelle M!

OK this trend post goes out to my cousin Rachelle Morissette in Starbuck, MB. When I was visiting 2 weeks ago, she had a little fashion dilemma. She had just been to Vegas with her family, and had a bought a cute denim mini (we're talking REAL mini here) with some lace applique trim, and now that fall is coming, she doesn't know what to wear it with. Tragedy? NO! There is an easy solution: tights/leggings

I know this trend has been going for a little while now: take one cute T, mix with any denim mini, add black tights, sprinkle with a chunky belt, mix for 10 minutes, serve chilled. But I think this is such a versatile, look, it can be worked into your closet in so many ways (see pics above for reference) So come on girls, don't let this look become stale, here are some things to think about:

- you don't have to only wear black, heather grey is great, patterns are starting to crop of everywhere as well, as are the more wooly knit options

- you can wear them with more than just a denim mini, tights can go with SOOOOO many things (I know Amanda is laughing at me right now, 'cause she claims I actually SLEEP in my tights... well Amanda, I think you know better, I wear a BODYSUIT too, not just tights!)

- Winter is DAMN cold in Canada, so how else can you wear skirts/dresses in - 40c?

- Even in the summer, tights are great for covering up super white legs that never see the sun

- Throw on an oversized T with a great graphic, slip on some flats, and you're ready to go.
CAUTION: this outfit MAY make you feel as though you are wearing your jammies outside, so make sure you are mentally prepared for this type of exposure. Once you deal with it, you will be so totally comfortable yet stylish at the same time, you will want to wear this every day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ang! I love it, Jocey told me to come and see your blog on tights! you rule

amy said...

I absolutely abhor tights. lol I really really hate them. Unless theyre worn with boots, and the boots cover them. I totally dig that style, but when the tights are like mid calf.... hehe im silly, I know!