Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Around the Web...

A couple of my designs have been featured here and there lately so I thought I'd keep all you faithful readers in the loop...my mom gets mad when I don't keep her up to date here on the blog ;)

First off, Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style put together a fabulous DIY elastic bandage style dress, and styled one of the outfits with my burnout velvet geometric leggings, awesome!

Secondly, Rumi from Fashion Toast was spotted in the "Zip it Up, Chain it Up" harness again, soooo nice! The main point of the post is the killer jacket she's wearing, by Quail, but I love how the harness has become such a versatile layering piece.

Lastly, Refinery 29 just did a post about the rising popularity of the zipper in the designer collections. Norwegian Wood was featured as one of the ways to "shop the trend", which sounds kind of futuristic to me, in a weird kind of way. Check out the post HERE.



Yana said...

yayyyy refinery 29 rules! good job angie!

Anonymous said...

i love that zipper harness! are you selling the store in the store or just on etsy?

Anonymous said...

i mean *in the store, or just on etsy. oops.