Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Complex Geometries Killed the Radio Star

I know, I know, bad joke...I KNOW!

I just can't resist it though. I see that black title block up there and I just want to write the cheesiest thing my brain can come up with. Forgive me friends...

Today I bring to you a great mini video that Adam (Clayton from Complex Geometries BF) forwarded to me. It's a little sneak peak at the Complex Geometries spring summer 2009 collection which they have been away showing in Paris. Their friend Jason made this video and we think it is super fab, and totally perfect. We have a nice little section of CG stuff down at HQ, so if you're looking to add a little gorgeous cottony drapy goodness to your life stop by and we'll hook you up.


We actually just met up last night with Adam and Clayton, Yana (of Supayana), Marc (of Broundoor) and Katie and Regine from our BFF store Victoire in Ottawa and our friend MC (sorry, she doesn't have an applicable link as far as I know). The girls were in town to check out Montreal Fashion Week (aka Sensation Mode, oooooh) and had a swanky hotel room, so we decided to all hang out, drop off some stock with them, and chat, chat, chat until the wee hours of the night. Pizza, elections and champagne may also have been involved.

Anyhoo, check out the video, it's amazing super awesome, and if you're in Ottawa check out the new wares we all gave to Victoire! Yana made some great tops and dresses, I did some of my previously posted leggings and some new skirts, and Marc pulled out some great new earrings and a few classic Broundoor handcarved belts.


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marie camille said...

does a measly little blog i had for four months this summer count!? haha!

it was great hanging out! looking forward to the jen storey show...