Thursday, October 09, 2008

Don't Look at Me.....I'm a Monster!!!

We know it's a wee bit early for Halloween stuff, but we didn't want to do a monster show AFTER halloween, and since our vernissages are usually the first saturday of the month, and last weekend was POP Montreal....well, we just decided it should be on Oct. 11th, which just happens to be this Saturday!

You may have guessed from the show name that it's a monster themed show, and you would be right. It's a group show as well, so you'll get to see all sorts of takes on the idea of monsters. I'm actually at the store right now, since the power went out all the way down my street today so no work could be done at home, and wow...the show looks great!

ALSO, tons of the wonderful designers we work with in the boutique were showing their wares this past weekend at Puces POP (as we were) and we manages to grab a whole bunch of stuff from all of them for the store, so we have TONS of new stuff! Yeah! More detailed posts on some great new designers we're carrying to come shortly...


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Lisa Marie Godfrey said...

I hope the monster show went well! Cheers! :)