Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jen Storey: Play With Fire, this Saturday!

We are SO excited to present the latest solo exhibition by Jen Storey (friend and YPFer) entitled "Play with Fire". Yes, we know that playing with fire is bad...BAD! But really, didn't all the interesting kids at school play with fire a little bit? Just a bit? All I know is that if you try to set mousse on fire (yes, hair mousse) it will burn purple. Just sayin'. I think I can write that here, we're all adults, I really don't think kids read the HQ blog. At least not the impressionable ones.

Anyways, this show is going to be super amazing, Jen has been working non-stop for months now, I seriously haven't seen the girl AT ALL in the past month, it's nuts. Jen's been working in quite a few mediums for this show including illustration, paint and collage, all wrapped up in a beautiful dreamy package. This is definitely a show NOT to miss! The opening goes from 7pm-11pm this Saturday (Nov. 1st) and the show runs for the entire month of November.

Play With Fire: A solo show by Jen Storey
7pm-11pm, Saturday Nov. 1/08
music by DJ Garry Vickers
drinks, snacks, some minor debauchery expected
boutique open all night, come for drunken shopping, it's the best!


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