Friday, October 03, 2008

Quiche and Macaroons

Vanilla, Green Tea and Orange Blossom macaroons

One of the things I like best about working from home is eating at home. When I worked down on Chabanel I would eat bad, bad things for lunch. Like poutine. At least once a week. Or gross chicken salad sandwiches. Which I would eat at my desk in front of a computer because we didn't have a lunch room. Sigh.

asperagus and ham quiche

Now that I'm out of that cycle, I'm free to eat a bit healthier, and once in awhile give myself a really great treat of a lunch. There'a great bakery down the street from our new apartment, and they have amazing fresh baked mini quiches every day, and gorgeous little macaroons. So this is my little treat that I get maybe once a week. So I will eat my little quiche, have some macaroons, and then get back to sewing some owls for Puces POP. Fridays were always good, but they are infinitely better now.

lychee macaroon and duck quiche

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SNAP! said...

Looks delicious! I might have to check it out ...