Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Crochet Hats, just in time for the deep freeze

A dusty brown with a confetti coloured mixed yarn, LOVE this one!

Anyone else freezing their butts off in their apartments because the heat hasn't been turned on yet? I've been cozying up in slippers, cardigans and afghans for the past week, and I don't relish the idea of heading outside much at all. Even my dogs are chilly, and Mary keeps hopping right into my cardigan to cuddle up on my lap. The plus side is that she helps to keep me warm, the downside is that this morning she vomited inside my cardigan. Yup. Digusting.'

Another contender for my favorite hat. I'm a sucker for grey melange,
and this one has a bit of red in it too, how can I resist?

Dog puke aside though, when I think of cozying up for fall, slouchy fuzzy hats are pretty much one of the first things that comes to mind. I've been on the lookout for the perfect hat for myself for about a year now, and have found a few OK options, but nothing that blew me away.

Basic solids in aubergine, rose and black

So I was looking at the newly re-organized HQ a little while ago, and went into a panic when I realized that we didn't have any plans/contacts for knitted head gear for this fall. How could I be looking for something for myself, and not even have it at the store. ALSO, will someone tell me why no local crochet/knitting aficionados blew us away with their gorgeous hats?

two cream bases and one black with gorgeous swirling patterns,
nice and oversized, slouchy and soft, soooo perfect

My moment of panic was thrown out the window however when I remembered my trusty pal Etsy. A quick search yielded a plethora of options, from which I quickly zoned in on Purple Sage Designs for her great slouchy fit, variety of colours and fab quality. I contacted the lovely lady, and she assured me that she could whip some up, throw them in the mail, and we would get them super fast. She was right, and we received the hats the other day, and I couldn't be happier.

Cream and beige with a small drawstring to adjust the tightness,
I think the tie bow makes a nice detail too...

I immediately had to try them all on of course, and I love them all! I'm trying to decide which one I should keep for myself, but for now they're all in their temporary home down at HQ, waiting to be taken home to help some lovely lady or dapper guy keep from freezing their ears off this winter.

Love the combo of heather grey with a black stripe,
this one also has an adjustible bottom

We only have one of each hat, so if you fall in love with one of them be quick getting down to the store! It's so rare to find a truly unique hat for fall, sure a lot of stores have great options, but if you don't want to see "your" hat on 10 other girls every week, handmade is the way to go.

Olive green with black and beige stripes, another fave.
Yes, I am allowed to have multiple favorites..


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Angelika@ Purple Sage Designz said...

Hi Angie, it is such an honor to be featured in your blog. I am happy that my hats will be in your store. Many thanks again!