Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweiner!

For those of you who missed the "Don't Look At Me, I'm A Monster" exhibit, I figured today would be a good time to post the work for you to check out. Apologies to all for the horrible photos... I just don't have what it takes to take 'em.

Artist Mimi Traillette with her "Cannibal Octopus"!

Mini Cyclops Octopi

"The Eerie Brothers" by Tristan Breeuwer

"Exorcise" by Alexei Vella

"Charlie's Skin Under Microscope" by Tyson Bodnarchuk

"Cloud" by La Puce A L'Agonie and "Windface" by Tyson Bodnarchuk

"Problematic" by Sean William Dawson

"Face Prison" by Scott Harber

"Filthy Youth" by Nicoz

"Zombie 1 & 2" by Natalie Reis

"The Iree Neighborhood" by Michelle Storey

"Mystical Ones Never Survive, The Ethereal Ones Remain" by Melissa Contreras

"Untitled" by Mark Unterberger

"Ghost Gang" by Lisa Marie Godfrey

"Saftey In Numbers" by Lisa Marie Godfrey

"Zombies" by Josh Taylor

"The Last Supper" by Josh Reames

"Little Monster" by Jesus Bejar

"Il N'ya Pas De Fumee Sans Feu" by Jen Storey
(p.s. she has a solo show this Saturday, Nov 1 @ HQ)

"Deep Purple Mandrake" by Jennifer Hamilton

"La Sainte Catherine" by Jason Cantoro

"Untitled" by Fred Casia

"Jenny Hanvier" by Eric Braun

"Frank" by Danielle Sayer

"The Return of Caprice" by Benjamin Deshaies

"Who Stole My Toothbrush?" by Benjamin Deshaies

"Visiting" by Aaron McConomy

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AngieMontreal said...

The photos are totally not horrible at all! You're insane. Like a monster.