Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome Noemiah!

Awhile back I mentioned that we picked up a few new lines for the store at Puces POP. These lovely feathered creations by Noémie Vaillancourt are one of them. Created by the 25 year old
Noémie these beauties are created by hand using metal finding, feathers, chain and beautiful beads and baubles. Noémie has discovered a real passion in her jewelry making, having always wanted to create, since she was a child. The perfect escape from the day to day world!

She admits to being a real fashion addict and suspects that she is often unconsciously inspired by many fashion trends. The bright variety of coloured feathers she finds are also a huge inspiration in her designs. For those ladies out there who hate to have the same thing as someone else, you'll also be happy to read that Noémie rarely (if ever) creates more than one of the same earring. The same designs perhaps, but with different feathers, colour combos or details they become one of a kind mini artworks.

Being a fellow Etsy seller, I just got a notice that she also just did a gorgeous "all Montreal" Treasury on Etsy, check it out HERE



Strut The Stuff said...
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Strut The Stuff said...

I purchased one set of gorgeous earings from Noémiah at Puces Pop and the compliments have been pouring in ever since. Love her original work and the fact I'm a little less of a carbon copy of everyone else in the city because of it! And LOVE the fact that i'm supporting a local artist :)

Mademoiselle Noe said...


Thank you so much!! Write me an email if you want anything else!!

Strut The Stuff said...

will do, thanks!