Thursday, October 30, 2008

M8N4 Jewelry

We love doing the Puces POP shows, not only because we love to sell our wares, but also because we love to meet the other crafters/designers and are always on the lookout for new goodies for the store. We first met Marie-Maude at last springs Puces POP and were blown away by her laser cut acrylic jewelry. We talked, we both got busy, and next thing we knew it was time for the fall Puces POP. Luckily our tables were right beside each other, so short of someone putting up an invisible force field between us, there was no way we were NOT getting the stuff for the store!

If you've never seen her stuff before, I'm betting you will become immediately enamoured with the cuckoo clock pieces, they're pretty hard to resist. Then again, maybe I'm especially susceptible to their charms, I grew up with a giant cuckoo clock pretty much being the main attraction at my grandparents house as a kid. My sister and I would literally SCREAM when that little bird popped out of his wee house and started up with the racket. It was probably the only time you could get a 7 year old and a 4 year old to stare at a clock for minutes on end, waiting for the bird. Come to think of it, maybe it was all a ploy by my parents and grandparents to get a few minutes of silence... Actually, scratch that, I don't think the few minutes of pre-bird silence could possibly be a fair trade for the screaming that followed the arrival of the cuckoo.

Anyways, back to the good stuff. We've now got a beautiful little section of M8N4 jewelry down at HQ (right above the Broundoor stuff, for all you regulars) We've got the cuckoo clock pendants as well as the brooches in black, white and mirror finish. We've got the cameo necklaces and brooches in black, white and mirror finish. We've also got the gorgeous lacy/drippy necklaces in black, frosted clear and the mirror finish. I'm in LOVE with the frosted clear, it's so amazing it freaks me out.


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