Friday, November 23, 2007

A Few More One-Offs

This high waisted skirt is a beauty,
so sad to let it go!

I'm bringing home (and by home I mean HQ) the last group of one-off samples we'll be getting before Christmas. As well, the time has finally come to bring in the one-off jeans!

We have this wool empire waist dress in grey tweed and black wool.
It has the most amazing detail of pewter
coloured chain hand-stitched on the neckline!
Great for layering over a blouse, or even over a vintage t-shirt, I love that!

I picked out 6 fabulous pairs of jeans for now, that's it! I only wanted to bring in the best and cutest, so I was really picky. They're all skinny fits, and all different denims, with one black pair thrown in the mix. I will be putting them out at noon this Saturday, no earlier, no later, so if you're dying for a new pair of special jeans, get down here quick! Sizes are 27/28.

We have this style in two types of indigo
denim and one pair in the grey shown above

When I say high I mean high, no joking around here!

We also have some truly amazing vintage denim that I picked up on my last trip to Winnipeg. I really, really love the super high waisted wide leg fit of them (I kept one pair for myself). Unfortunately most of them are really small (size 25-28) since all of the larger sizes at my secret source have been snapped up over the last 10 years. All these vintage jeans also have SUPER long inseams, so we're also offering free hemming on them if needed.

We've got about 8 pairs of the vintage jeans in total, all different styles. There are some fun old brands in there too (Wrangler, Levis, HASH jeans). Here's a bit of Canadian trivia for you:

HASH jeans are an old Canadian line from the seventies, based in Winnipeg. One half of the design due was Allan Kemp, who is now the designer of Silver Jeans and 1921 Jeans. I used to work for Allan at my first job in the fashion industry (Silver Jeans), back in Winnipeg. He also designed a line of jeans called Fancy Ass (of which I owned a pair of hand-me-down denim cutoffs when I was about 10. Sheesh. A ten year old fancy ass.)

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